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Celebrating Excellence and Innovation

Welcome to the Student Spotlight, a dedicated space celebrating the remarkable achievements of students engaged with the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium. Here, we feature the stories, projects, and accomplishments of those who are shaping the future of aerospace and STEM fields. This page serves as a testament to the hard work, creativity, and impact our students have within the scientific community and beyond.

Corbin Russ

Undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arkansas. Supported by an ASGC WFD award, Corbin interned at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center to study lunar rover design in Summer 2022. Corbin is also a recipient of a 2022 ASGC STEM award to study air cooling. Corbin is a student pilot, pursuing a career in military aviation.

Hari Pandey

 Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arkansas. Hari has been investigating two-phase cooling for spacecraft thermal control, supported by the NASA EPSCoR Program. He presented the progress on behalf of the whole team at the 2022 AR EPSCoR Conference.

Jack Seabaugh's internship at Marshall Space Flight Center was pivotal, focusing on enhancing the ISS's Environmental Control and Life Support System. Tasked with creating prototype hardware using cyanobacteria for oxygen recovery, Jack led the electronics segment, designing and programming sensors and control systems. His role was crucial in advancing the project aimed at improving oxygen efficiency onboard. This opportunity not only enriched his engineering skills but also provided invaluable insights into NASA's innovative approaches to sustaining life in space.

Jack Seabaugh
Jackson Marsh

Jackson Marsh is an Honors student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arkansas. His research centers on the development of an advanced acoustic sensing system for non-intrusive fault detection in thermal and electrical systems. As a recipient of a 2022 ASGC SIT award, Jackson has led a student team to study solar-powered manufacturing. His work has led to four publications and a patent application and has been presented at the Arkansas Space Grant Symposium, ASEE Midwest Section Conference, ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference and Energy Sustainability Conference.

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