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Time series of total Lunar eclipse on 31 January 2018 as it appeared as supermoon at perig

Arkansas Eclipse 2024

Witness the celestial marvel of the 2024 Great North American Eclipse across Arkansas. From the vibrant gatherings to tranquil natural settings, Arkansas is the prime location to experience the eclipse's path of totality. Embrace this rare event and secure the best spot for an unforgettable view.

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A Spectacular View

Discover the grandeur of the Great North American Eclipse as it traverses Arkansas. The eclipse's path of totality covers 53 counties, including cities like Little Rock and Hot Springs, offering a unique spectacle with over four minutes of darkness in select areas. Arkansas provides diverse viewing opportunities, whether you prefer urban settings, secluded spots, or the beauty of nature. Plan your eclipse viewing adventure across The Natural State's scenic locations for an unforgettable experience. Explore our interactive map below and click on university logos to see each school's unique eclipse activities.

Understanding Solar Eclipses

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon positions itself between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on Earth. Depending on their alignment, eclipses can be total, partial, or annular. Totality, a moment when the Moon completely covers the Sun, creates a unique and brief spectacle, making it one of nature's most extraordinary events due to its rarity and the specific conditions required for it to occur.

The Solar Eclipse Phenomenon

During a total solar eclipse, expect a breathtaking transition from day to twilight. Observers often describe it as the most awe-inspiring natural event, highlighted by a dramatic temperature drop, the appearance of "shadow bands," and a 360-degree sunset. The sky darkens as the Moon obscures the Sun, revealing the solar corona's soft glow, creating a moment of daytime darkness filled with beauty and wonder.

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